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There has been in increase in editing pages by unregistered users. While I love the help I find myself having to re-edit everything because information does not match the information I have gathered from credible sources. I have started protecting many pages from being edited by unregistered users.

I have been updating several pages in the guide and deleting some pages that do not fit the following criteria:

  • Current Contract Actors. Please check end credits for those individuals who are considered contract for B&B and Y&R they list in alphabetical order, for DAYS and GH they list in order of when the person joined the show. Those listed after are considered recurring guests.
  • Current Recurring guests who have appeared in at least 25 episodes.
  • For former actors, individuals that met the above criteria will continue to be included until they are inactive for two years UNLESS they appeared on daytime for over five years or where nominated for an award for their work on daytime.

We have cast lists for the currently airing soap operas, Daytime Emmy awards and nominations and many actor biographies!

Please feel free to look around and help us edit pages with your knowledge! Please be sure to register so your work can be recognized!

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