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June 27, 1948



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Sheri Anderson is a Daytime Emmy Award winning writer. The majority of Anderson's writing career was spent on the writing staff of Days of our Lives. Since Anderson's last writing credit on daytime in 1991, she has written for Jumanji the TV series and produced one of the first online series The Spot in the mid-1990's. Anderson has written several fiction novels based on characters from Days of our Lives. Anderson returned to DAYS as a script writer and story consultant in 2017.

Soapography[edit | edit source]

Another World

  • Head Writer (11/1987-04/1988)

Days of our Lives

  • Script Writer (1975-1976; 03/21/2017-6/15/2017; 12/21/2018-03/15/2019)
  • Co-Head Writer (1982-1986; 07/10/1992-08/06/1992; 12/21/1992-04/28/1993)
  • Story Consultant (10/1988-02/1989; 07/1990-03/1991; 07/19/2017-01/17/2019)
  • Head Writer at Days of our Lives (06/12/1992-07/09/1992; 08/07/1992-12/18/1992)

General Hospital

  • Associate Head Writer (1979-1981)
  • Script Writer at General Hospital (1991)

Guiding Light

  • Head Writer (1987)

Santa Barbara

  • Co-Head Writer (1990)

Awards and Nominations[edit | edit source]

Daytime Emmy Awards

1976 Writing Team Days of our Lives W
1981 General Hospital N
1984 Days of our Lives N
1985 N
1987 N
1991 Santa Barbara W
2018 Days of our Lives W
2019 N

Writers Guild of America

Year Series W/N
1976 Days of our Lives N
1988 Days of our Lives N
1991 Santa Barbara W
1992 Days of our Lives N
1994 Days of our Lives N
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