Nadia Bjorlin
Bjorlin Nadia.jpg

Full Name

Nadia Alexandra Bjorlin


August 2, 1980


Newport, Rhode Island, USA


Grant Turnball (2015-present)



Years Active


Nadia Bjorlin joined daytime in 1999 as Chloe Lane. During Bjorlin's first several months on air, Chloe was known as ghoul girl and wore glasses and dressed down. Bjorlin opted to leave DAYS in 2003 but made return guest stints throughout 2004 and 2005. Bjorlin returned as a series regular in 2007. Bjorlin has also appeared in 2007's Red Line and episodes of NCIS and most recently CSI. Bjorlin appears in 2012's Divorce Invitation. Bjorlin returned to DAYS from January to April 2013 and a two day guest appearance in September 2013 and August 2015. Bjorlin returned again in January 2016 as a guest star and returned again on contract in June 2016.

Personal Life[edit | edit source]

Bjorlin married Grant Turnball on 05/15/2015.  They have two children: Torin Mathias (b. 05/04/2016) and Viggo Sebastian (b. 09/01/2017).

Soapography[edit | edit source]

  • Chloe Lane on Days of our Lives (11/24/1999-06/13/2003; 12/24/2003-01/12/2004; 08/13/2004-09/16/2005; 11/29/2007-09/28/2011; 01/04/2013-04/16/2013; 09/24/2013-09/25/2013; 08/03/2015-08/04/2015; 01/08/2016-01/28/2016; 06/10/2016-08/29/2019; 08/03/2020-08/04/2020; 12/03/2020-present)
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