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Lisa Brown
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August 2, 1954


Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Date of Death

November 24, 2021 (Age 67)


Actress; Director; Acting Coach

Years Active


Lisa Brown's daytime career began in January of 1980 when she joined Guiding Light as Nola Anne Reardon Chamberlain. Lisa Brown then left GL in December of 1984, due to her character's departure and marriage and leaving town and then a few months later joined As the World Turns as Iva Snyder Benedict where she was a cast member until 1990. Lisa Brown appeared on Loving in 1991 before returning to GL from 1998-1999 for a few episodes and seasons. After leaving GL, Lisa Brown again returned to ATWT for guest appearances in 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2001. Lisa Brown returned to GL during the shows final week of shows in 2009. Lisa Brown also worked behind the camera as a director and acting coach as ATWT and One Life to Live. Lisa Brown worked as a director on the web series Gotham. Brown died on November 24, 2021 at age 67 after a brief illness.

Personal Life[]

Lisa Brown has been married to Brian Neary since 03/26/1997. Brown was also married to Tom Nielsen and they had one child, James Anthony Nielsen (b. 02/18/1984).


  • Nola Anne Reardon Chamberlain on Guiding Light (01/01/1980-12/31/1984; 08/08/1998-01/09/1999; 09/14/2009-09/15/2009)
  • Iva Snyder Benedict on As the World Turns (08/01/1985-01/1990; 06/14/1995-06/22/1995; 01/02/1998-01/12/1998; 09/17/1998; 1999; 2000; 12/30/2001)
  • FBI Agent Carolyn on Loving (1991)
  • Director/Acting Coach at One Life to Live (2010)
  • Director/Acting Coach at As the World Turns (2010)

Awards and Nominations[]

Daytime Emmy Awards

1987 Supporting Actress Iva Snyder, As the World Turns N
1988 Supporting Actress Iva Snyder, As the World Turns N
2011 Special Class Short Format Gotham N